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Policies and Procedures for NJRA


  1. The agent agrees not to directly sell real estate to buyers and will not list property for sale but will work as a referring agent.
  2. The agent will not need to attend sales training, pay Association or MLS fees and E&O insurance premiums will not be collected.
  3. The agent agrees to pay an annual due of $150 or monthly installment of $15.
  4. The agent may introduce a buyer to a new home subdivision and receive commissions as long as the new home subdivision writes the contract and agrees to pay compensation.  The contract will be turned over to the office within 24 hours after receipt by the agent.
  5. Agent will not be provided office space or use of office equipment.
  6. The agent agrees to refer all residential, commercial and property management business to NJRA
  7. Agent will work as an independent contractor and will be responsible for paying any and all taxes.

Commissions and Fees


  1. Referral Fee: NJRA will receive a 25% referral fee. 
  2. Commission: Of 25% referral fee, the agent will receive the commission as follows:
    1. New homes will be paid on a 50/50 split. 
    2. On all other transactions the agent will receive 60% of the referral fee.
  3. Transaction fee:  A $35 transaction-processing fee will be paid out of each closing.


How to Join NJRA

  1. Please fill out and submit the Agent Contact Form below. 
  2. NJRA administrator will contact you within 24 hours, Saturday, Sunday and holidays not counted.
  3. It is always advised to provide your name used in your real estate license, cell phone number and most importantly your current email address. 
  4. License-related fees must have been paid on/before joining NJRA.
  5. $25 one time set up fee will be collected with initial membership with NJRA.    

Referral Agent Application

NJRA administrator will contact you within 24 hours, Saturday, Sunday and holidays not counted.  You will also receive via email application form which you have to fill out, sign and submit to administrator along with fee schedule and independent contractor agreement or employment contract.

Personal Information
First Name: *
Last Name: *
Address Street 1: *
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License Information 
License/Ref No:
Contact Information
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Other Information
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