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Parking your license should be sufficient to keep it "active".  But you can also jump up to the next level to earn real money in real estate just by providing referral information to our full-time associates! Example:

$400,000   (median home price in New Jersey)
x 3%   (average commission rate)
= $12,000   (estimated commission)
x 25%   (standard referral fee)
= $3,000   (referral commission)
x 50%   (split with brokerage) 
= $1,500   (your earnings for one referral!!)

It's that easy! You are able to keep your hard-earned real estate license active, stop paying thousands of dollars every year for MLS fees and Realtor® membership dues...and imagine the income that can accumulate from simply handing over your real estate referrals to our qualified, full-time salespeople!

Unlike other "referral networks" NJ Referral Ageny has no minimum production standards. You can keep your license with us as long as you like and send as many referrals as you like without the threat of penalties or removal from the network.

If you have been looking for an easy and affordable way to keep your real estate license active and earn real money working part-time in the real estate industry, you have come to the right place! Join the NJ Referral Agency today.


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