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There are many reasons you should benefit from the NJ Referral Agency.

Is your real estate license inactive or dormant within a brokerage office? Is your license costing you money and earning you little or nothing? Are you planning to get your license with no intentions of selling? Would you like the opportunity to let your license make you money with little or no effort on your part?

If you fall into any of these categories, then the NJ Referral Agency is the perfect place for you to start capitalizing on your real estate license, with little or no effort.  You can become a Referral Agent with NJ Referral Agency and start making money without going full-time into real estate.

As a NJRA Referral Associate, you earn commissions for referring successful leads (buyers or sellers) to NJ Referral Agency.   It’s as easy as making a phone call and the best part is that NJ Referral Agency will hold your license while you pursue other interests.

NJ Referral Agency accepting applications

NJ Referral Agency (NJRA), an affiliate company of Top Realty Group (TRG), is now accepting new or existing licensed agents interested in real estate referral activities.  NJ Referral Agency is the perfect solution for people interested in eventually becoming a real estate agent or for agents wishing to become inactive day-to-day but keep their license active.  Spouses of agents often become referral agents as well.  

The NJRA shall house licenses for referral agents who would be able to send referrals anywhere in the world. A referral is a lead concerning anyone interested in buying or selling real estate. Potential sources of referrals include personal and business contacts; civic, social and professional associations; and church and sports interest groups.  There exists an excellent opportunity for agents to earn extra income by simply seeking out information and processing it through NJ Referral Agency.  

A valid Real Estate license or Real Estate Commission license is required in order to become associated with the program.  If a person does not yet have one, NJRA can help them get one.

CK Samson, CEM
Email: OneStopRealtor@Gmail.com


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